Children Education Challenge In Millennial Era

Educating children is the same as educating times. Every challenge can only be answered by parents who have strength of faith, neatness of the knowledge structure, and mentality of hero. House and parents are the first place that must be prepared to answer a variety of key basic questions, related to the formation of a child’s mindset and outlook.

Education and Science

Education is not only synonymous with formal schools with uniform. Indeed, education is the process for understanding, grow a good mindset, and right perspective that can balance the pretence of world with all challenges and problems.

Because the life challenges precede human intelligence, it is necessary to accelerate maturation for young people. Being a fast learner is an absolute ability that like or not, must be cultivated in every child, of course with full assistance from the family, especially parents.

Think Wisely, Act Fast

Acceleration of maturity means not the pretence to be someone outside the actual age. But the ability to think tactically, quickly, accurately, with mature actions, not carelessly.

There are so many problem on the left and right side of our house, regional problems, national problems, even the worldwide. Who else will take care of it in the future, if not through the hands of youth? If the veil of future can be opened, there are no parent will relax and waste their time just to have fun. All parents will race to educate children with comprehensive and contextual knowledge for future life.

At this point, father and mother must be finished with themselves. If not, then immediately change the vision and reconstruction of self-personality to be able to pace with the world evolution. Children also have to learn the same things with their parents as simple as possible and gradual. But it takes extra-large courage to provide that this really heavy input for them.

Discussion Culture

Practice their cognition as early as possible to head and soul stimulate to be more curious, more critical. If they has started to ask a lot of questions, parents can direct it into a light and warm discussion with all family members. Small discussions that can be done anywhere. The child’s brain will be trained to think, analyze, and certainly be more intelligent. Unfortunately, this culture is missing from every home, in every family; discussion or dialog.

Don’t Forget Appreciation

Finally, after going through a long process carried out by children, husband, and wife to changing themselves, like learning new things, never forget to appreciate the efforts that has been done. It’s called Appreciative Inquiry. That is, appreciative intelligence, related to the ability to appreciate themselves and others.

Because God never saw results, but the process. “All of this is a reward for you and every effort you are grateful for by God” (Al Insan: 22)

The Prophet also emphasized the importance of appreciating and thanks to humans: “He who does not thank man, he is not grateful to Allah”

God commands humans to thank their parents as in the Qur’an letter Luqman verse 14: “And We command people to do good to their parents. His mother had been pregnant in a weak state, getting weaker, then breastfeeding and weaning in two years. Thank Me and my parents. It is my return.

Don’t sue your child or other person for self-confidence, if you can never appreciate every inch of their effort.

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